Luxurious travel, management, and more.

Private Jet Charter

Traveling by private jet is an exclusive experience for travelers. We fly on your schedule and often to airports that are much closer to your destination than served by the airlines. Private jet charter makes business happen with face to face meetings, allows vacations to start at the airport and is the ultimate way to travel. Whether you’re looking to spend the weekend in Cabo San Lucas or need to make a meeting in Chicago, CI Jets will take you there.

Aircraft Management

At CI Jets we recognize the substantial investment in your private jet as well as the responsibility required to properly manage the airplane. By providing professional aircraft management services, CI Jets insulates the owner from the daily undertaking of the aircraft, making the ownership experience seamless and rewarding. We act as your partner and aviation adviser to ensure that your airplane receives first class care.

Aircraft management through CI Jets makes aircraft ownership a breeze. We can manage as little or as much as you would like from crew selection and training to maintenance scheduling. We can hangar your aircraft at our Camarillo location or oversee your airplane at its home base anywhere in the country. Whether it’s keeping the airplane on a regular detail cycle or providing a mentor pilot to an owner flown airplane, CI Jets has the expertise you need.

Custom Management Solutions

Safety is the number one priority at CI Jets. We work with each aircraft owner to maximize the efficiency and operational benefit of their aircraft while keeping safety at the forefront. Below is a list of custom management services:

  • Recruitment, hiring, training and management of crews
  • Aircraft detail coordination
  • Trip support and concierge services
  • Flight planning
  • Maintenance tracking, planning, scheduling and cost control
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Access to CI Jets charter aircraft at preferred rates
  • Guaranteed charter revenue options available
  • Sales tax mitigation compliance services
  • Accounting and financial reporting services
  • Aircraft and flight crew scheduling
  • Avionics and aircraft document currency management
  • Access to CI Jets Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Asset value retention

CI Jets is an advocate for our managed aircraft owners. It’s important to us to keep your costs down in order to maximize your benefits of aircraft ownership. With fleet discounts, aircraft managed by CI Jets enjoy preferred pricing on the following services:

  • Fuel
  • Crew training
  • Hangar
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance labor and parts
  • Cleaning services
  • Mentor pilot services

Aircraft Management with Charter Revenue

The best way to offset or reduce the cost of aircraft ownership is by chartering your airplane with CI Jets. Our Aircraft Management with Charter Revenue option is customized to meet each aircraft owners needs to ensure maximum benefit of idle time on their aircraft. If an owner needs to fly when his or her airplane is booked on a charter, we offer preferred pricing on other airplanes in our fleet to ensure they get where they need to go. Additionally, if owners need access to an airplane with other features, more seats for example,  preferred pricing is available on fleet aircraft.

CI Jets offers traditional charter scenarios as well as guaranteed charter hour programs. We work with our managed aircraft owners to establish a desired level of charter activity for their aircraft. Our guaranteed hour programs are ideal for owners looking for high utilization and revenue to offset the cost of ownership.